The fruits of this season

I love tropical fruits.

When we moved here, I did not realize how many new and different fruits are here to get to know and to grow to love. This is not my first fruit post, but that is because I keep trying new fruits, so there is always more to add.

As the seasons change, the selections change.

This is not the case in the US where we have made the leap toward a pretty uniform selection year round. This is an unnatural way to grow food and an unnatural way to eat. It places a huge transportation element on many foods and concentrates the production of foods geographically which is also not beneficial to our health or the planet (but is AWESOME for those who have a different definition of efficiency and a strong desire for high profits for their shareholders, as opposed to decent profits for a broad network of farmers)

Sermon Over

beaches of el salvador surfing

It tastes like grape licorice with less sugar. Not Kidding.

I sometimes either forget, and other times do not fully understand the answer, when I ask ladies at the market what certain fruits are. This one I forgot the local name, but looked it up online and found a picture which referred to it as a Star Apple. This mild fruit looks a little like a plum in this picture, but it is clearly nothing closely related if you try it. I highly recommend these purple lovelies. The flavor is mild, and a little bit like grape licorice. NOT grape jolly ranchers. Grape licorice.


These Jocotes are divine and unusual


I tried Jocotes off season and was not impressed. This week they are my favorite. I cannot get enough. The orange flesh has a slightly tart flavor that I find a little hard to describe. At their size it is easy to sit and eat a whole bowl without thinking. That is, if you went to the right market and argues just a little bit on the price. (some market ladies have us pegged)


It tastes a little bit like roses and citrus oil


Before these are opened, the seeds rattle around inside freely. The aroma and taste are unique. I describe them as similar to roses, with some citric and almost pine-like qualities. My first impression was that they would complement the Hops used in brewing nicely because they are in the same flavor spectrum, but with some really cool floral and fruity aromas and flavors. I plan to experiment with brewing these into a beer for that reason. These floral and clean little fruits have a delicate flavor that you may or may not like, but that is VERY worth a thoughtful taste! I LOVE them!

Anyone out there who can clarify the names of these fabulous fruits for me please do! I am only willing to shout ,”Como?” three times in a crowded market before moving on. For those who haven’t tried these yet, get a move on. You are missing out!




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18 Responses to “The fruits of this season”

  1. the_main_lobbyist Says:

    hey can you guys vote in salvadoran elections?
    by the way, also try maranon japones, good stuff.

    • nanellenewbom Says:

      No we cannot vote. In fact we must remain far from any political activity and a few people have told me that some of my rants online could be a violation of a law that prohibits either direct or indirect participation by foreigners

  2. BRR Says:

    Oh, it seems the fruit you ask for is "arrayán" !

    El Salvador fruits, here is a cute video.

    • nanellenewbom Says:

      Thank you for the video! It must be Arrayan. Look out for an up and coming El Salvador Pale Ale with Arrayan to balance the Hops.

  3. BRR Says:

    …it can also be a guayaba. Not sure of it's size…
    I vote arrayán or guayaba :)

  4. BRR Says:

    Ok, sure answer : Manzanas pedorras! (something like Fart apples)
    Look at 3:11 in the video :)

    • Nanelle Says:

      THATS IT! Manzanas pedoras. I was thinking arrayan because of the look, but my husband (who lives by taste) said it was NOT arrayan, because arrayan is much much much more citric.

      • Ana Says:

        Give a try to this fruit: Mamey. It’s definitely different from anything else you’ve tasted before, so delicious! Oh, and you can have some great Arrayan ice cream, they sell it a Pops. Great stuff!

  5. Mark Says:

    Can you get non sweet apples and green lettuce or romaine lettuce in El Salvador throughout the year?

    • Ana Says:

      Yes, you can. They’re always available at the supermarkets.

      • Mark Says:

        Thank you for taking the time to respond to me! I'm an avid juicer and really need to juice 5 or 6 times a day and those are my main ingredients which are organic without the chemicals etc. Thanks again Ana.

  6. MJBU Says:

    cerveza de arrayan!!! wow, my mouth waters…i'd buy me a case of those.
    i think you should rant about anything and everything you feel like; people in el salvador still don't grasp the concept of freedom of expression, especially on the internet which is the individual's greatest tool to get your thoughts out there to the world…that's why i don't bother with salvadoran blogs or forums, administered by actual salvadorans, because either way, regardless of ideology, bottom line, salvadorans simply don't appreciate nor care for freedom of speech. he dicho HDLGP!!!!

  7. Juan Carlos Huezo Fuentes Says:

    Caimito, the first one. Jocote indio,
    Second one. And Manzanas pedorras the last one. The last one is called manzanas pedorras because the sound it make when you press the fruit between your fingers. And teaste deliciose. I always ask my self why they are named Manzanas and they dont look like apples?
    The native Jocote is good and more juicy than Jocote de Corona. But both are good. Caimito is not my favorite of the fruits but is good too. The first thing I will do when I get there last week of april is go to the central market and buy lots of fruit. For Sure BANANAS, APPLES, GRAPES AND ORANGES WILL BE NOT IN THE LIST.

    • skotchvail Says:

      When I was in El Salvador the family asked me what fruits I wanted. I said pineapple and everyone just laughed. I guess that is like asking a caveman what is his favorite app.

  8. tim Says:

    Its Manzanas pedoras!

  9. YvH Says:

    The last fruit picture you've posted is called "MANZANA ROSA" in some places, precisely because of the rose-like aroma.

  10. Roberto Says:

    next time you go to the market look for some guindas, or some paternas, perhaps Zunsas. a very smelly and popular drink from Carao, mmm Carao beer? should give it try maybe… there is an extensive list of fruits all year round for such small country is incredible, but for sure tasty.