Whatsupelsalvador Listed As A Top Expat Blog For Latin America

June 28, 2011

El Salvador Unique

Expat Daily News Latin America recently made a list of their top expat blogs about living in Latin America.

el salvadorWhatsUpElSalvador.com made the list as one of the five best blogs in Central America. Party like it was 2011 in El Salvador! Living la vida expat woman!

by Julie R Butler
I am quite fond of saying that one of the best ways to get an idea about what it is like to live in a foreign country is to check out expat blogs. Bloggers who spend the time and effort to share their thoughts, experiences, and knowledge, whether or not for financial gain, are wonderful human beings. They all have a lot to offer anyone who is interested in taking a look at the lives of people who have followed their own paths, getting out there in the world and exploring different cultures and lifestyles. Each has their own style and focus. Each is a little window on reality from a distinct perspective. Every one is informative, entertaining, thought-provoking, inspiring… in some way.
Look for many of these on the blogroll on the right-hand column of this website. They are also listed on the Useful Resources Page, along with many more internet sites and blogs that can be of assistance to those considering expat life in Latin America.
and check out the many expat blogs in our linkroll
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  1. Nanelle Says:

    Go El Salvador Go!

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